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Member since: 15th March 2007

Last seen: 13th October 2016

Born in 1981in Sofia/ Bulgaria. In 1994 he has discovered the power of GOA and after 5 years psy experience in 1999 started a project with a friend called "Static Project". Later in 2004 leaves Static Project and start producing own tracks in Fruity Loops. First track get public was Apollo 13, played by his friend Black Widow on Maty Zemlya - august 2005. OGO has spoted what effect on the people his track has and get even more inspired. Many track were born since then, but never released. First live came on 19/06/2008 in a small club in Sofia after the great concept from Zdravko Mineff (Galaxy Unit/ R.O.B.T.F/ Alien Industry). He met him here in beatbiz and is greatfull for this chance. Later on 13/05/09 OGO was played as a D&B warmup Dj on one of the greatest parties of R.O.B.T.F.

OGO has started producing in other music styles such as D&B, trip hop, Ambient, breakbeat and currently working on his new trip hop track.


Contacting OGO: o_ignatov(at)mail(dot)bg