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Member since: 25th May 2007

Last seen: 30th October 2009

CrowNick is Gilad Arama, born 1978 in Rishon Le Zion Israel. After discovering the drums at the age of 8, He decided that music is the chosen Path. He started to collect and create Metal since he was 13 years old and participate as a drummer/Vocalist in black & death metal bands. In 97`he first heard trance music working as a store manager for a big record company, playing as a professional drummer he was fascinated by the drive. Gilad started to collect music and perform as a DJ in local underground parties in Israel. At 99` he decided to take the music up a level and started to built his studio to create and produce his own tunes under the name of CrowNick. In 2005 he graduated sound technician school and began working professionally on CrowNick's debut album: "New – Sapiens". "New – Sapiens" contains 9 tracks of hellish dance floor tunes, Including a tribute remix to the Israeli metal band SALEM: "Eyes to match a soul", Who appears also on their album "Strings Attached - Special E", For the closing of the album is a special Psybient bonus track… "New – Sapiens" was mastered by Avi Algranati (Space cat). CrowNick delivers high attention sounds with a muscular beats, his Dark elements are the main context in his own art…