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Member since: 12th October 2004

Last seen: 30th October 2009

About our Psy-Trance Band since in August 2000: Juan Antonio Arguelles Rius aka (Arguru) and Francisco Cobos Palomo aka (Freaky) from Malaga (Spain) are the line up of the psicodelic act, influenced by our reciently artists, Total eclipse, Etnica, Koxbox, Wizzy noise, Dark soho, X-Dream, Midi miliz, Bamboo forest, etc... We have been making music for years, but started with this act some months ago. Now we are making Goa Trance, and we take care of sound and sequences, and we love to take the bitter sound 303 to the higher peaks of distortion, flirting with psicolelic sounds, we mixed minimalist and obsessive rhythms, with long, surrounding and hypnotic sequences to induce to trance. We dont compose only by imitating our idols, we have our own personal style. We are making music because the posibilities are huge, because we have fun, because we like it, because we want to be heard and we will be heard. We are in the queue of the most experimental techno, Goa Trance or Hipno Trance, we are composing for the second trinity of electronic dance, (Being the first one techno and the third ambient). VERY SAD NOTICE: R.I.P JUAN ANTONIO ARGUELLES RIUS aka (ARGURU) - Goatrance musician and master coder creator of music software: Buzz machines, , Psycle, Saiko, Traxvox, Aodix, Vertigo & Discovery VSTi Plug in, Fruityloops (FL), Renoise etc. Died in accident car 03-06-2007.