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Member since: 25th May 2005

Last seen: 31st August 2014

Getafix; a psytrance artist hailing from the northern regions of an unknown South-East Asian Country. Legend has it, Getafix was found by nomads, wandering the foothills of the Hindu Kush in an acid induced state of euphoria, preceeded by a cloud of hash smoke. Nomads he proceeded to entertain with his melodic, Psy-style...Which of course, as everyone knows, leads to bookings at psytrance festivals in Switzerland (where else can you go from the Hindukush?) Currently, he is trying to improve his sound and get his album released at some point in the future, so that YOU too can share in the mindboggling orgasmic sonic thrusts of Getafix!

Getafix - Rollin Stoned out on VA 'Solar Species' 19th Jun 2009