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Member since: 30th October 2005

Last seen: 23rd October 2010



Mindcrawlers is the collaborative project between Synogen from California and Psyrius from Sweden. The group focuses on fast paced classic goa tracks with a foundation of psytrance. Their goal is to produce high quality energetic psytrance music with heavy use of goa melodies and oldschool madness. Mindcrawlers is unsigned and unreleased, if you are a label and are interested in releasing our tracks in compilations or otherwise, please contact us. So far none of this music has been pressed. [Updated, Jan 2008] Hey everyone, this is Bobby / Synogen. I haven't visited this page in a while, I'm surprised at the feedback you all have left for me and Andreas! I'd like to update you on the status of the project. Basically Mindcrawlers arose out of some fun me and andreas had blending styles and generally exploring sound and seeing what we can come up with. This project is really where I gained much of my experience in production, taking place from 2005-2006 - but alas aside for some unfinished work its come to an end. But, not because there is no more music :) In the summer of 2006 Aerosis was born, and I have hence moved on to make goa professionally and the aerosis album - Leap of Faith is currently under work. You may find Aerosis's page on Beatbiz where we exclusively offer tracks for download.


Aerosis also has a myspace regularly updated with information and upcomming trakcs.


Psyrius so far as I know has gotten into alot more downtempo style stuff, you can check out some of his music here:


Mindcrawlers may yet do another track in the future, atleast we would still like to. But until then, this project was definately an interesting one for us to work on!