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Shadow Matter

Shadow Matter



Another Fractaline Concept


United Kingdom

Member since: 15th February 2004

Last seen: 14th May 2015

Live Full on hard dance / trance & breakbeat from the UK - Aum3. featuring:

Alex - production, synths

Dave - synths, guitars

Steve - Vocals

Loren - Vocals

Emily - Dancing

Aum3 was formed in 1999 when two old college friends met by chance in the street and discussed their musical desires and frustrations. Tired of the generic direction of dance music at the time, Alex (Ephexis) and Dave (Infinite Dimensions) plotted to blow it apart with a new genre-spanning movement of intense and upbeat psychedelic dance music. A few months into the project they decided it would be good to work with some vocalists, so they teamed up with old school friends Loren and Steve. Then proceeded 4 years of non stop writing and gigging their perpetually well received live P.A. around the U.K. Together they produced hours of carefully sculpted experimental electronica, all of which is available to hear and purchase on this page. Although, not currently writing together as Aum3, Alex and Dave are still surfing the forefront of pioneering electronic music with their current projects Ephexis and Infinite Dimensions.