Xtatic Shiva - Grain

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  • Beautiful track, is really very good trakata

    (Darkos | reply)
    • Hi, This track has been mastered really good. The bassline sounds good too. I love the unchy bass. Good trip! Keep going, man! Cheers (OGO | reply)
  • πολιη μυ αρεσιη η μυζικη ηνε πολιη καλο και μυ αρεσιη πολιη

    (Darkos | reply)
  • S'eyxaristw polu gia thn eilikrineia aderfe!


    Peace and Love! :)



    (Xtatic Shiva | reply)
  • Gia sou file mou.

    San sinthesi den mou arese toso oso alla kommatia sou alla san poiotita ixou ine apsogo

    poli oreos ixos.

    (SIAM | reply)
  • kwsth,de mporw na dianasw ti exeis grapsei! ti font einai ayto?

    (Xtatic Shiva | reply)
  • Φανταζομαι παλουκι ο διαχωρισμος συχνοτητων.....

    Ολα ακουγονται ετσι οπως πρεπει!

    Stereofield οπως παντα θαυμασια και ξερεις τι κανεις!

    Ωραιες ατμοσφαιρες!


    χε..... 5 αστερια!!!! ....αναμνησεις.....

    (dj K.I.R. | reply)

Uploaded By Xtatic Shiva


Added: Wed 30th, Sep, 2009

Genre: Psy Trance

Psytrance with an old-school touch. Also,my first attempt to master my track. Sounds tight on different sets of monitor speakers,let me know how it sounds on your set,please! Thanx in advance! Boom!!!!

tags: greek psytrance xtatic shiva psychedelic dance

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Resolution: 128Kbps


Total Length: 8:05

7.41 Mb audio/mpeg

Xtatic Shiva
Xtatic Shiva
Xtatic Shiva

    Xtatic Shiva

    Psy Trance

Xtatic Shiva
Xtatic Shiva
Xtatic Shiva
Xtatic Shiva

    Xtatic Shiva

    Psy Trance