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Q: Do I need a PayPal Account to buy mp3s?

A: No, simply follow the link that says 'don't have a paypal account' and you will be taken to an online form where you can enter your credit details there

What happens when I buy a track on boomTrack?

after a payment is made on the PayPal site you can easily download the music at any time you like. Upon completion of payment you are redirected back to a special download page that grants you access to the downloads you've purchased. In addition these tracks go into your personal catalog of downloads in your boomTrack account (if you have a boomTrack account). If you do not have a boomTrack account all you need to do is register with the e-mail that purchased the tracks and you will have access to them the next time you login.

Will boomTrack mp3s Work on my IPod?

Yes they should work fine. Once you have downloaded the mp3 file from boomTrack you can transfer it to your IPod using ITunes (which is a free mp3 player made by Apple).

Q: What sort of permissions or rights do I have with my purchase mp3s?

Personal use only, you're more than welcome to duplicate them to CD or IPod for yourself. However, if you wish to play them public or distribute them please contact the artist to negotiate terms.

Q: How can I stream a track?

A: Click on the image next to the track title on the music or artists pages, it should open a new window with flash player and start playing automatically. If you are logged in you can leave reviews here too.

Q: Why isn't the stream playing?

A: If the stream is large in size, or has a high bit rate and you are on a slow internet connection you may not hear anything for several minutes. However, you will see an audio page load and a indication on the buffer size. Also, you may need the latest audio codecs to get full functionality out of the streams. Flash is also required by your browser for the new flash player

Q: My page Doesn't work and/or I am not on the new artists list

A: In order to fully activate your account you need to upload 1 small demo clip AND an image.

Q: When I try to upload my music, it keeps asking me to register

A: you probably signed up for a listeners account instead of an artists account, so when you try to access upload music you get prompted to register a new artist. Please be aware that if you have signed up for a listeners account you will not be able to use the same username. If you require your listeners account to upgrade to an artists account give support an email. (

Q: My track disappeared!

A: We moderate all material on this site and it may of been removed for some of the following reasons:

1. Bad mixing/engineering
2. Track was let down by a particularly bad sound or sample
3. Too monotonous or repetitive
4. Track was good but too much clipping occurred / distortion
5. We received complaints

Also, we prefer your first clip to be around 64kbps, 96kbps or 128kbps mp3 encoded

Q: How can I make my tracks downloadable?

A: If you are an artist with tracks on the site, you login to the admin section, click on edit/remove tracks link, find the track you wish to enable downloading on and click edit, then you check the tick box and update. You can make a track available for free to the public without them having to signup or give an email address, or you can restrict its access to members only.

Q: Can I Sell Albums?

A: Yes but you will need a PayPal account premier or business account. Once you have uploaded your music you can define albums with them via the albums manager.

Q: Which audio formats can I upload?

Currently we support MP3 and WAV.

Q: how can I add extra images to my page?

A: In the admin panel is a section called upload additional images. When you upload an image through this page it will be added to your artists page images section and a thumbnail will be automatically create

Q: What does the 1/2/3 numbers by the plays and downloads on each track mean?

A: The format of these numbers is: plays this week/plays this month/Total plays. This is just to give the artists and the listeners a better idea of how frequently the track has been played.

Q: Can I sell my mp3s?

A: Yes you can, but you will need to have a PayPal premier or business account in order to do so. Premier PayPal accounts are free and you can sign up for one at PayPal whichl is a secure and very popular method of payment, most users on ebay use PayPal. If you only have a personal account with PayPal you can easily upgrade it to premier for free, you will need to do this to enable extra payment options provided by PayPal.

Q: I bought a track but I couldn't download it?

A: When you finish payment for a download you are automatically redirected to our website in order to collect your download and to confirm payment and the mp3s are automatically added to your download library in your account (under 'my purchased mp3s'). If however something goes wrong like you failed to redirect please contact us with you're paypal invoice and we will authorise the mp3s to your account. Also, login to your account and check 'my purchase mp3s' just to be sure before contacting us.

Q; How can I check or how do I know when I have sold a track

A: You will get an email from PayPal the moment you make a sale and now you can login into boomTrack and get a list of your sales under the 'my mp3 sales' options to check a list of recent sales as well as Logging in to PayPal to check any transactions made. You will receive an invoice and details of the purchase including the buyers email address.

Q: I uploaded my track and I can download it ok, but it isn't streaming

A: its possible something went wrong with the encoding process, please try editing that track and choose the option to re-encode and try a different bitrate like 128kbps or 64kbps.

Q: I have just set up my mp3s to sell on paypal but the downloads are still disabled (not showing up)

A: You need to enable downloads for this track (set it to public) either via the mp3 batch options or individual mp3 settings under the music editor.

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