Tips on Promoting your Page


Network with other musicians and listeners

Leaving comments on other BoomTrack users pages will get visits back not only from the person you leave the message for but other visitors to that persons page too!

Leave reviews for the music

the same applies but more so because many people are visiting the player from various different sites and now the player shows your review comments below, so this is a great way of getting promotion on your page. Take some time out to review as much music as you can around the site and watch who comes from where in your stats page.

Upload images and photos

Upload a photo of yourself, usually a photo of yourself is 200% more effective than something else, also adding additional images to the gallery will show up on the main images page which gets plenty of views and if you keep it updated people will come back to check for new things.

Utilise the messaging systems

Post events, news and blogs not just to get people to come to your events but to show your active on the site and to attract listeners as they will show up on the main events page.

Copy and pasting URLs To Friends

from your player so you can play it to your friends, on music and discussion forums, chat rooms and IM programs like MSN, Yahoo, MIRC, ICQ, AOL messengers. Please be aware of the site policies of forums and chat rooms and post responsibly, you will get much better feedback!

Make a music videos!

for Youtube and other video sites to promote your music and link back to BoomTrack so they can download it.

Send out Newsletters

use the email address adder form to harvest e-mail addresses then send them e-mails to let them know about updates and news. You can do this with any email client using the cc options to mass e-mail them.

Get Involved with other projects

Don't turn down opportunities to work with others if they arise but don't be intimidated or let them take advantage of you either

Party on!

A very good way to get your name out there and attract fans to your site is to try and get gigs at venues, play live sets, having parties and/or DJ music. Make sure you have sometime to give people or a logo by which they can remember you or your website. If you can organze your own events or parties that's a great thing to do and much fun even in modest numbers, we all love parties!